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Panama, Florida. – The end of June officially ends the end of rental fees and mortgage forbearance at the same time as the additional unemployment payments end. This can leave many people looking to rent new homes or apartments while additionally needing to submit or recently file for personal bankruptcy. According to Panama City Debt Consolidation Lawyers, Lewis and Jurnovoy, bankruptcy will show up on credit reports for the next ten years. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the different factors that landlords will consider when deciding whether to rent or not after filing for bankruptcy.

When bankruptcy is present on an account, a property manager is usually very curious about how much potential occupants are earning or currently have in savings for rent payments. Many property managers also take employment history into consideration. Showing consistent time at a job is key in this situation.

In addition to work history, property managers will definitely want to know how much time a person has spent with their current employer and their monthly income.

Proof of timely rent payment and never breaking a rental agreement or lease with former property managers could also be of great help. Additionally, for those who are forced to file for bankruptcy due to situations beyond the individual’s control, such as the pandemic, an explanation of the circumstance will help a property manager make an informed selection.

For people who are considering declaring personal bankruptcy, Lewis and Jurnovoy offer free consultations. The talented layers of Lewis and Jurnovoy can help you with a variety of financial obligation classifications, as well as a range of funding types. The firm works diligently to identify the best financial solution for each client. For more details on bankruptcy or debt relief in Panama City or neighboring communities, call Lewis and Jurnovoy’s office at (850) 409-3350 or visit them online anytime at


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