Delaware Bankruptcy Court

Bankruptcy Court in Delaware Reopens for In-Person Hearings Delaware’s bankruptcy court is restarting on-site hearings on a case-by-case basis, while still encouraging participants to attend remotely “whenever possible.” Judge Christopher S. Sontchi’s June 4 order allows the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware to start holding hearings combining in-person appearances and video conferencing. But such […]

United States Bankruptcy Court

Court of Bankruptcy What Is Bankruptcy Court and How Does It Work? The term “US bankruptcy court” refers to the United States’ specialized federal courtrooms. To resolve all kinds of personal and corporate bankruptcy matters, the federal government established bankruptcy courts. Unlike the federal court system, which was created in 1781 by the United States […]

How Many Times Has Donald Trump Filed Bankruptcy

We Are Watching Trump’s 7th Bankruptcy Unfold Donald Trump was a businessman who ran six businesses that went bankrupt because they couldn’t pay their bills. Trump, who is running for president again, repeats some of his business mistakes and risks the demise of another venture: his political operation. Trump, a charismatic real-estate investor and swashbuckler in […]

New Jersey Bankruptcy Court

Step-by-Step Guide to Bankruptcy in New Jersey New Jersey bankruptcy might be an option to eliminate your debt Please do not hesitate to call one of our bankruptcy lawyers in New Jersey to discuss your bankruptcy case. Many of us may find ourselves in debt quickly due to unforeseeable circumstances. Larger installments, such as mortgage […]

Wendy’s Bankruptcies

WENDY’S MAY BID FOR THE BANKRUPT NPC’s RESTAURANTS According to a federal securities filing, Wendy’s is looking at a bid for nearly 400 restaurants operating under the brand name NPC International (bankrupt franchisee). The company stated that it could bid with a select franchisee for nearly 400 of the operator’s locations in a filing. The […]

Perkins Bankruptcy

Perkins is Ready to Grow, Fresh From Pandemic and Bankruptcy Michael Abt, CEO at Huddle House, said that Perkins’ brand was not “fundamentally broken”. Huddle House bought Perkins from bankruptcy in September 2019. He explained that the business’ core was strong, although under-managed, over-leveraged, and lacking an effective growth plan. Bankruptcy removed the leverage, and, to […]

How Bankruptcies Work

What You Should Know Before Filing For Bankruptcy Here’s how bankruptcy works if you’re thinking about it. You may be considering bankruptcy if your obligations have grown overwhelming or you face foreclosure on your house. While bankruptcy may be the only option for some, it comes with significant implications that should be considered before making […]

What Is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

A Review of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows struggling businesses to restructure and maximize their return to creditors and owners. In the past, only large corporations were able to afford Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chapter 11 has improved and is now available to large corporations. And small businesses can be used to keep your doors […]

Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me

How to Find a Bankruptcy Attorney How to Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney The process of choosing a bankruptcy lawyer involves two steps. Interview the candidates that match your criteria, and then keep the one you like the best. So, you’re in deep financial trouble. You are behind on student loans, mortgage, and car payments. Six credit cards […]