About Us

Bankruptcy Headquarters is a non-profit organization that was founded in the year 2010. Our goal is to assist families with low incomes who can’t afford lawyers to file bankruptcy at no cost, by using our online app. The app is a product by Harvard Law School, our team includes engineers, lawyers as well as judges. It’s among the most significant civil rights violations of the present time that families living in poverty cannot access their basic rights when they are unable to pay for assistance. By combining direct services with advocacy to fight this injustice, we’re fighting it.

Our Vision

Bankruptcy Headquarters takes the stress out of your personal finances for you through:

  1. Utilizing data, machine learning and automation to increase the reduction in debt and reduce your expenses.
  2. Simple, fun habits-forming steps that will ensure that you are staying free of the cycle of.
  3. Always learning and developing alongside you to satisfy your needs and develop an investment product that is best suited to your needs.

Is Bankruptcy HQ for You?

Bankruptcy HQ is a place for those who are prepared to change their lifestyle to help eliminate debt and remain debt-free. Check out BankruptcyHQ’s recent interview of a client with bad credit that highlights how Bankruptcy HQ has relieved the burden of debt of many people. We make as efficient as we can on our side but there are a few modifications that our clients need to master and implement to be financially free. The question is, then what do you think? Bankruptcy HQ a good fit for you?

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