Airline Bankruptcies

The Pandemic Devastated Airlines in 2020 and Forced Many Out of Business — Here’s the Most Notable That Didn’t Make it to 2021 Each year sees a small number of airlines close up shop for any number of reasons, but last year had the pandemic to speed some along.  Last year saw an influx of […]

How Many Times Has Donald Trump Filed Bankruptcy

We Are Watching Trump’s 7th Bankruptcy Unfold Donald Trump was a businessman who ran six businesses that went bankrupt because they couldn’t pay their bills. Trump, who is running for president again, repeats some of his business mistakes and risks the demise of another venture: his political operation. Trump, a charismatic real-estate investor and swashbuckler in […]

Wendy’s Bankruptcies

WENDY’S MAY BID FOR THE BANKRUPT NPC’s RESTAURANTS According to a federal securities filing, Wendy’s is looking at a bid for nearly 400 restaurants operating under the brand name NPC International (bankrupt franchisee). The company stated that it could bid with a select franchisee for nearly 400 of the operator’s locations in a filing. The […]

Perkins Bankruptcy

Perkins is Ready to Grow, Fresh From Pandemic and Bankruptcy Michael Abt, CEO at Huddle House, said that Perkins’ brand was not “fundamentally broken”. Huddle House bought Perkins from bankruptcy in September 2019. He explained that the business’ core was strong, although under-managed, over-leveraged, and lacking an effective growth plan. Bankruptcy removed the leverage, and, to […]

Neiman Marcus Bankruptcy

What You Need to Know About Neiman Marcus’ Bankruptcy The Neiman Marcus Group is only one of the many major retailers that are being severely affected. The coronavirus pandemic impacted the growing number of brands that have filed for Bankruptcy. The coronavirus pandemic and its large debt load have severely affected the retailer aged 113 […]

Modell’s Bankruptcy

Modell’s Files For Bankruptcy and Intends To Liquidate Its Assets In New Jersey, Modell’s Sporting Goods filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The family-owned retailer will begin liquidation sales in all of its locations, with online sales continuing throughout the process. Mitchell Modell, the company’s fourth-generation owner, attempted unsuccessfully to rally support from the firm’s […]

Ford Bankruptcy

Ford Motor Company: Why Bankruptcy is a Foregone Conclusion Ford’s credit rating will likely be lower soon, and the company could go bankrupt even before a recession. S&P and Fitch could downgrade Ford’s credit rating in a matter of minutes. This will result in Ford’s long-term debt being subject to a covenant, which could adversely impact […]

Weatherford Bankruptcy

Weatherford’s CEO Resigns as The Firm Prepares to File For Chapter 22 Bankruptcy Protection Weatherford International’s CEO has resigned only days before the firm’s annual meeting amid a financial problem that may result in the business declaring bankruptcy for the second time in less than a year. According to the business, Mark McCollum left on […]

Chesapeake Energy Bankruptcy

Chesapeake Energy Declares Bankruptcy After trying for years to manage its debts, Chesapeake Energy finally declared bankruptcy on Tuesday. Although the company is now much smaller than its former self, it was once the country’s second largest producer of natural gas. It was a free-spending company that had assets in almost every major energy-production area […]

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