Dave Ramsey’s View on Mortgage and Bankruptcy Calculators

Dave Ramsey is well known for personal business financial expertise, famous for developing the No baby debt elimination and financial independence. He regularly shares his opinions on a wide range of financial topics and has developed several internet services to help people manage their finances.

Dave Ramsey has spent considerable time creating a mortgage calculator on his site, but we don’t see his bankruptcy.

It’s no secret that the mortgage application process can be overwhelming, which is why it is essential to fully understand what a person can afford and which products and programs are ideal. There are several free online mortgage calculators to help you calculate mortgage payments. But how do you determine which sites are reliable?

Therefore, in this article, we will go over everything you need to know about Dave Ramsey’s Mortgage Calculator and cover all the positive and negative aspects of it.

Understanding mortgage calculators

Mortgage calculators are computer-assisted tools that allow users to assess the financial ramifications of changing one or more variables in a mortgage financing arrangement. Both clients and lenders use mortgage calculators to determine monthly payments and the economic viability of a home loan application. It can be a valuable tool in calculating how much you can afford to borrow to buy a home. He can estimate the monthly mortgage payment and obtain in a few minutes an estimate of the amount of interest that will be paid over the life of the loan. It also helps compare monthly payments for the same loan amount, whether the mortgage rate is fixed or adjustable.

On the other hand, mortgage calculators are only good at the data you enter into them. Unfortunately, many of these calculators ignore essentials like property taxes, insurance, and other costs that can have a huge impact on your monthly payment. So keep in mind that the more information you give to the calculator, the more accurate the numbers you will get. Therefore, it is essential to use a calculator that incorporates all the vital parameters. Lack of certain information can lead to an incorrect estimate of the monthly payment, which can leave serious problems.

We all know a free online calculator can be a reliable source. It can provide basic information, but it cannot warn of invisible difficulties. For example, these programs cannot take into account factors such as the location of the home, a buyer’s employment status, or closing costs and costs. Also, it can show that a person is eligible for a loan but is missing factors such as private mortgage insurance resulting in the increased monthly payments.

Since New Hampshire mortgage statistics differ from New York City mortgages, it is essential to consult a qualified professional, such as a real estate agent or mortgage broker, before using the mortgage calculator data. . These professionals know precisely how to use those that are best suited to individuals in the process of homeownership.

Understanding Bankruptcy Calculators

Dave Ramsey has bankruptcy views, but it seems to be pretty quiet when it comes to bankruptcy calculators. A bankruptcy calculator is based on bankruptcy forms. For example, you would take a Chapter 7 Calculator to help you estimate if you would qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You would take a Chapter 13 Calculator to help you estimate what your Chapter 13 plan payout would be.

These calculators can help you determine various useful things before having a bankruptcy consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer. You can also understand the cost of bankruptcy as well as the pros and cons of bankruptcy.

Mortgage calculator from Dave Ramsey.

A monthly mortgage payment is a combination of various expenses. The distribution of payments from the Ramsey Mortgage Calculator reveals precisely where the planned money will go. Therefore, in order to understand Ramsey calculator data, it is essential to enter all relevant variables first.

Know the value of a house.

The first step in using the Ramsey Calculator is to enter the value of the home you want to buy based on the exact value of your budget.

Upfront payment.

A down payment is the initial cash payment made when purchasing a property. The calculator calculates the suggested deposit as a monetary amount and a percentage of the total purchase price.

Compare the different types of mortgages.

You have the option of choosing between three types of mortgage loans:

  • 15 year fixed rate mortgage
  • 30 year fixed rate mortgage
  • 5/1 Variable rate mortgage (ARM).

Ramsey also includes detailed explanations of each mortgage type just below the calculator for quick reference.

Preferential interest rate.

The calculator uses the interest rate to determine the total amount of interest charges you will pay over the life of the loan as a percentage.


Home insurance is an essential requirement in most states. However, it may vary depending on the condition, property value, and other connected external elements. In addition, the calculator also includes private mortgage insurance (PMI).

Property taxation.

Property taxes can be determined by the government and can vary by municipality, state, and, in some cases, the value of the home.


One of the great things about Dave Ramsey’s Mortgage Calculator is that you don’t have to be a financial expert to use it. Instead of complexity, it is designed for everyday users with great information like below.

  1. The design is adaptable, allowing you to tweak every essential element of identifying a suitable mortgage loan, providing simple calculations and direct advice to everyone with full and monthly breakdowns on a clear pie chart visual. The simple interface allows users to play around with the settings to get the right mortgage plan.
  2. Dave Ramsey’s Certified Calculator Partners offer the option to select local real estate agents.
  3. Calculators help determine how much to offer a home and if the seller is asking for too much. You can also see how a larger down payment reduces your monthly expenses. If the value of the home is changed in the calculator, the recommended down payment will vary.

The inconvenience.

There are several important restrictions to consider with any mortgage calculator. The following factors are not taken into account by Dave Ramsey’s mortgage calculator:

Additional things to consider: Your monthly salary determines how much you can afford to pay on a mortgage. There are several additional expenses to consider during the home buying process, such as loan fees and set-up fees. Closing costs are also unavoidable and may include evaluation costs.

Expedited Payments: If you plan to make more principal repayments each month to minimize your interest payments throughout the life of the loan, an online calculator will ignore this.

Planning additional insurance: The calculator does not offer different options for adding other insurance unless the user knows a specific one. It is difficult to determine how to include this in calculators if users do not have any prior information.

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