Charming Charlie Continues Brick-And-Mortar Comeback 18 Months After Bankruptcy

Retailer of accessories and apparel for women- Charming Charlie make a comeback in 2021, 18 months after it filed for bankruptcy and closed all 261 stores. The chain, which is well-known for its scarves and handbags and jewelry, opened six new locations in 2020. It plans to open at least 10 more by 2021.

Company Founder: “Charming Charlie has more than 7 million passionate, brand-loyal clients across the U.S.”Charlie Chanaratsopon told PYMNTS via email. “In this age [omnichannel] retail, there is a chance for the brand’s success in the online environment and at select retail locations throughout the country.

Recently, the chain opened mall-based stores at Atlanta, Providence, R.I., Santa Monica, Calif., Gilbert, Ariz., and Towson, Columbia, Md. ; and plans for additional stores in Texas, California, and Florida to open in March, unless COVID-19 restrictions prevent that. Charming Charlie, a Houston-based company, had originally intended to reopen physical stores in March last year. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to halt their plans.

Charming Charlie had a total of 390 stores across North America, the Middle East, and the Philippines at its peak. However, in a court filing from 2019, the company stated that it faced “unsustainable operating costs,” including excessive leases.

Chanaratsopon later purchased the trademarks of the company, 7 million members loyalty club contact list and other intellectual properties from bankruptcy court. According to the entrepreneur, Houston Chronicle, the chain’s new stores will be approximately 3,500 square feet. This is about half the size of the previous ones. Charming Charlie would also use pop-up shops, he said.

Chanaratsopon stated to PYMNTS, that the final plan is to rebuild to 50-75 locations. This is “quite different from our previous year.”

The entrepreneur admitted that he is going against the grain by opening brick-and mortar brick-and mortar stores in malls at a time where brick-and–mortar stores and malls are struggling.

Chanaratsopon stated that the plan was “very systematic.” We want to continue serving our customers and have identified brand loyal markets to direct where we open shops.

He stated that “our goal is to remain the same customer-facing business.” “This commitment has been there since the beginning.”


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