Thomas Cook Airlines: Rise & Fall

Thomas Cook filed for bankruptcy in 2019, leaving thousands of travelers stranded overseas.

Thomas Cook’s origins

Thomas Cook is a rare travel company that can trace its history back to 1841.

Cook hired a Midland Counties Railway train to transport 500 people from Leicester, England, to Loughborough. It was well-paid.

Thomas Cook tours are alive and well.

International expansion

Thomas Cook’s tours became very popular internationally in a decade.

In 1872, it also organized the first-ever all-around-the-world trip. It toured India, Japan, China, and the United States.

Thomas Cook introduced new payment methods for travel. These new payment methods were also introduced by Thomas Cook.

Moving on with the Cook family

Thomas Cook passed away in 1892. His son, then his grandchildren, succeeded him.

The company was sold by the owners in 1928.

The railways were finally nationalized following the Second World War.

It expanded its flight and package tour offerings over the years. It earned a profit of PS1,000,000 ($1.3million) in 1965.

It was privatized again in 1972 and bought by a consortium including Midland Bank. In 1992 it was purchased again by Westdeutsche Landesbank.

The US had seen a significant increase in traveler’s checks by this time. Crimson bought the US operations for $1.3 billion in 1989.

Becoming a member of the Thomas Cook Group

Thomas Cook could not stay with Westdeutsche Landesbank long and was sold in 2001. Thomas Cook was unable to stay with Westdeutsche Landesbank for long and was eventually sold in 2001.

Thomas Cook Airlines was formed in 2007 by the merger of Airtours International and MyTravel Airways.

Financial problems for Thomas Cook

What was the problem with the company? Many factors contributed to the company’s decline, including market conditions and financial issues.

The financial woes of Thomas Cook Group began in 2009. In 2009, it issued a profit warning, and by 2010, its debt was at PS249 million ($324 mil) to PS804 million ($1.05 million), according to Forbes.

The company spent the additional money by 2017, and its total debt reached PS1.6billion ($2.09m). Despite worsening financial circumstances, the company paid shareholder dividends in 2017-2018.

Thomas Cook’s fall

It was also affected by other factors.

Thomas Cook was built for package holidays, and it had trouble adapting to digital business models. Tim Jeans, former Monarch managing director, said that Thomas Cook was “an analog business model in a new world.” “

Thomas Cook company filed for bankruptcy on September 23, 2019, after which its long history was ended abruptly, but not unexpectedly. Operation Matterhorn, the largest peacetime repatriation program ever undertaken by the UK government, brought more than 140,000 people back home to the UK.

2020: A comeback

Thomas Cook is not finished.

The company is being relaunched in the UK to sell simple travel packages to destinations that aren’t subject to quarantine.


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