Fort Walton Beach Debt Relief Attorneys Highlight Renting After Bankruptcy


Fort Walton Beach, Florida. – Moratoriums on rents and mortgages officially end at the end of this month, along with unemployment, leaving many across Florida at a standstill. Bankruptcy filers and those who have recently filed may need to rent a new home. Lewis and Jurnovoy, locals debt relief lawyers, report that Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy lingers on a credit report for about ten years. Therefore, it is essential to know the different factors that homeowners will look at when they need to rent a home in bankruptcy.

It is more important for a landlord if a potential tenant has already filed for bankruptcy, to see how much money he is currently making or has in rent savings. Employers are also considered by many landlords before renting to individuals. In addition to the individual’s work history, owners are likely to want to know how long they have been in the area, whether they have been employed continuously in the past five years, and how much they earn. In this case, the duration of employment is very important.

If possible, provide proof that the rent has always been paid on time and that there has been no breach of a previous lease or rental agreement. Additionally, a homeowner will be better able to make an informed decision if they know why the debtor has been forced into bankruptcy, for example, due to the pandemic.

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