Bankruptcy Trustee

Trustee in Bankruptcy What Is a Bankruptcy Trustee and What Does He Do? The United States Trustee, an official of the Department of Justice, appoints a bankruptcy trustee to represent a debtor’s estate in a bankruptcy case. In line with the United States Bankruptcy Code, bankruptcy trustees analyse and offer recommendations on different debtor requests. […]

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 vs 13

What Is The Difference Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? The most important decision you will have to make is whether you want to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13. These chapters are sections of the United States Bankruptcy code that describe how your debt will be dealt with in each phase.  Declaring bankruptcy […]

Bankruptcy Forms

How to Obtain and File Bankruptcy Forms Find out where to get legal bankruptcy forms, how to learn about local forms and regulations, and where to submit your paperwork. You must fill out a package of papers when filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A “voluntary petition,” six more forms known as “schedules,” […]

Bankruptcy Credit Cards

When Should You Stop Paying Credit Cards and File Bankruptcy? If you are unable to make your credit card payments, bankruptcy may be a possibility. Bankruptcy is a serious choice that should not be taken carelessly. Paying off some debts, such as credit cards, becomes a waste of money after you’ve chosen to move ahead.  […]

Bankruptcy Code

The Bankruptcy Code of the United States What is the Bankruptcy Code in the United States? Title 11 of the United States Code is often known as the US Bankruptcy Code. It specifies companies and individuals’ steps when filing for bankruptcy in the US Bankruptcy Court. The US Constitution grants the US Congress the power […]

Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy at a Low Price Low-Cost Bankruptcy Attorney People who want to file bankruptcy are often low-income. Our fees are among the lowest in Los Angeles County, and we specialize in helping low-income individuals. We offer easy access to our services payment plans. We make it easy for clients with low incomes.  Find answers to […]

Personal Bankruptcy

The Ultimate Guide to Personal Bankruptcy In America There have been approximately 750,000 filings for personal bankruptcy in recent years. So, we walk you through the basics with no judgment. This is one of the paradoxes of the pandemic economic system: People aren’t filing bankruptcy as they used to due to government intervention to stop debt […]

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