What is Budget

What is Budget |‌ BankruptcyHQ A budget is a method to manage income, expenses, and financial goals over a specified time period. What is a Budget? Budgets are spending plans that are based on income and expense. It’s a plan that estimates how much money you will make or spend in a given time period, […]

What is a Variable Expense

What is a Variable Expense |‌ BankruptcyHQ There are certain expenses in every business budget that can fluctuate from month to month. Variable expenses are a significant portion of small business spending, unlike fixed costs which stay the same every month. Variable expenses are unpredictable and can make planning difficult for your business budget. Although […]

What is a Fixed Expense

What is a Fixed Expense |‌ BankruptcyHQ Your budget will likely include both fixed and variable expense costs if you are like most people. What is the difference between necessities and discretionary spending? This might surprise you. Definition for fixed expense Fixed expenses are established monthly. Budgeting for fixed expenses is much easier than budgeting […]

Variable Expenses Examples

Variable Expense Examples |‌ BankruptcyHQ Variable costs are expenses that can fluctuate over time. Variable expenses, also known as variable costs, can fluctuate depending on how you use products and services. Increased car use will increase variable fuel costs and maintenance. Your variable expenses for food could also increase if guests stay over for a […]

How to Pay off Credit Card

How to Pay off Credit Card |‌ BankruptcyHQ There is no one ideal approach to pay off credit card debt, and the greatest technique for doing so depends on your position, objectives, and requirements. You may pay off each card separately, consolidate your debts onto one card, negotiate a reduced interest rate, take out a […]

How to Build Credit Score

How to Build Credit Score |‌ BankruptcyHQ If you haven’t already, you’ll soon be in a situation where someone wants a credit check. There are numerous misunderstandings about credit, but building credit score for a home or car purchase is critical even if you don’t have any cash on hand. Companies use credit reports and […]

How to Build Credit at 18

How to Build Credit at 18 |‌ BankruptcyHQ Start building credit at the of 18, Become a co-signer on someone else’s credit card, get a secured card, or take out a credit-building loan. Based on your financial history, your credit score shows lenders how trustworthy you are. Build credit while you’re still young enough to […]

How To Build Credit

How To Build Credit |‌ BankruptcyHQ When planning to apply for credit or having trouble qualifying for a credit card, loan, or lease, most individuals seek to build their credit score. In these situations, you’ll want to get your credit up to speed as soon as feasible. While there is no quick repair for bad […]

How to Budget Money

How to Budget Money |‌ BankruptcyHQ Here how you can budget you monthly money, use the 50/30/20 budget to divide your income between needs, wants, and savings. How can I afford housing, food, and insurance if I only have $2,000 per month in take-home pay? This is a huge amount to cover with a small […]

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