GameStop Bankruptcies

One Analyst Believes That GameStop’s Stock Fluctuations Could Save It From Bankruptcy Although GameStop’s recent stock price surge has nothing to do with its financial health, it could give them the chance to avoid bankruptcy. One market expert believes that the recent spike in trading and subsequent swings of GameStop’s stock prices could help prevent […]

Frontier Bankruptcy

What Does Frontier’s Bankruptcy Mean For Customers? Frontier Communications filed for bankruptcy on April 14, 2020. This has caused concern among many Frontier customers. Many are worried about their Frontier TV, internet, and phone service.  We’re going to walk you through the possible consequences for Frontier subscribers, even though the details can be complicated. It is important […]

Trump Bankruptcy

Why Did Donald Trump’s Businesses Fail? Trump portrays himself as a successful businessman who has a net worth of up to $10 million. He says he could force many of his companies into bankruptcy due to large amounts of debt. Law was used to protect the interests of others Critics have pointed to Donald Trump’s […]

Krystal’s Bankruptcy

Krystal, a Fast-Food Chain, Has Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection Krystal, the nation’s second-oldest fast-food chain, had 4,890 employees at Sunday’s bankruptcy filing. This is despite its efforts to improve its bottom line through the closing of dozens of more restaurants. The Dunwoody-based company, which has restaurants all over the US, blamed rising labor […]

Murray Energy Bankruptcy

Murray Energy Emerges From Bankruptcy As a New Company CLAIRSVILLE — Murray Energy Corporation has been declared bankrupt and will now be American Consolidated Natural Resources, Inc., the union representing the company’s miners. This announcement was made Wednesday. Cecil Roberts, President of United Mine Workers of America, confirmed that Murray’s assets were transferred to the […]

Ascena Retail Group Bankruptcy

Ann Taylor Parent will Emerge From Bankruptcy as a New Company Ascena Retail Group Inc. will emerge from bankruptcy with a significantly smaller brick-and-mortar fleet and lower debt. Ann Taylor and Loft’s parent company announced Monday that a judge from the United States Bankruptcy Court Eastern District of Virginia approved the disclosure statement. It includes […]

Victoria’s Secret Bankruptcy

Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works Have Officially Parted Ways BankruptcyHQ Brief: Multiple sources claim that Victoria’s Secret’s United Kingdom, subsidiary, which filed for bankruptcy last year, is now liquidating its brick and mortar operations. L Brands teamed up with Next last year, a struggling clothing store in the United Kingdom. Victoria’s Secret & […]

Barneys New York Bankruptcy

Barneys New York Has Been Reorganized as Saks Fifth Avenue After It Filing Bankruptcy The store is back in New York after an 11-month absence. Barneys New York has finally returned to its home town after the pandemic delayed its post-bankruptcy recovery plan. Barneys at Saks will be the name of the store that has […]

Pizza Hut’s Franchisee Bankruptcy

Pizza Hut’s Franchisee Bankruptcy The bankruptcy of the Leawood NPC, Kan This report shows a declining relationship between Pizza Hut’s largest and oldest operators. NPC’s problems have been a major problem for the chain, as it lost its position in the top pizza franchises to long-time rival Domino’s. It also struggled to gain traction. Pizza […]

Hertz Bankruptcy Used Cars

Hertz Is Selling Thousands of Used Cars In Its Fleet In Bankruptcy at Bargain Prices Weeks after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection May 22, Hertz use cars is selling vehicles in its fleet at discount prices. As of Saturday morning, Hertz had thousands of used cars available on its website The volume of cars for sale in […]

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