Who is Timothy Wall? What We Know About Publix Gunman – NBC 6 South Florida

The 55-year-old man who drew his handgun and killed a young child and the child’s grandmother Thursday in a Palm Beach County Publix had been struggling for months to make ends meet.

Timothy Jamieson Wall was barely afloat financially as a temporary worker on a construction crew in January, when he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, claiming he had $ 6,000 in assets and $ 215,000 in liabilities and was earning only $ 2,165 per month.

He certified that he had $ 27 in the bank, $ 743 in Bitcoin, and another asset that would become relevant six months later: a 45 caliber firearm he claimed was worth $ 300.

In April, his bankruptcy application was granted, discharging almost all of his debt, including more than $ 4,000 in credit card fees he owed Bank of America.

Born in New York in 1965, he married his Argentine-born wife in Boynton Beach in 2003. Their marriage ended in divorce after 15 years. He and his ex-wife are the parents of a 14-year-old girl, court records show.

In 2007, the couple started a cleaning service company that used a letterbox at a UPS store inside the Crossroad Mall in Royal Palm Beach as their address. The company was dissolved in 2013.

The UPS store they continued to use as a mail depot is just around the corner, 100 yards from the Publix where Wall would kill the grandmother and grandchild before turning the gun on him.

While Wall was doing temporary work earlier this year, the owner of the company who gave him work said it only lasted about three weeks, resigning after saying he “found another thing”.

The business owner said he was not aware of any complaints about Wall from the client who used his work, a business he declined to identify.

His divorce was recorded as undisputed by the county clerk, but seven months after it was granted, his ex-wife filed a lawsuit demanding his eviction from the house they had shared in West Palm Beach. A judge agreed to him moving, as they had agreed in their divorce agreement, and he apparently did so in mid-2019.

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