What to Expect at Your 341 Meeting of the Creditors

At the filing of either your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy , a mandatory proceeding called a “341 Meeting of the Creditors ” is scheduled by the bankruptcy court.  Depending on your jurisdiction and the volume of bankruptcies filed, your 341 Meeting will happen anywhere from 30 to 60 days after the filing of your case.  In populated states like California , New York , Texas and Florida , 341 Meetings occur typically 45 to 60 days after filing since these courts often get backlogged.  In less populated states such as Idaho , Iowa , Wyoming and North Dakota , 341 Meetings usually take place closer to 30 days after the filing of a bankruptcy because there are less total bankruptcies being filed.  You will receive official notice from the Bankruptcy Court of your 341 Meeting’s date, place and time.

341 Meetings are supervised by a government-appointed Bankruptcy Trustee.  Your Trustee’s duties are to handle the administration of your case and represent the creditors at your 341 Meeting in their absence. (NOTE***Your creditors in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will rarely ever show for your 341 meeting. There are also no judges present at 341 Meetings in either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcies.) 

The Bankruptcy Trustee’s job at your Chapter 7 341 Meeting is determine whether or not you have the ability to repay your debt based on your income or have any assets that he/she can liquidate to repay your creditors. The Trustee’s job at your Chapter 13 341 Meeting is to make sure that you have filed a feasible plan and are repaying the correct amount to your creditors based on your economic situation at the time of filing.  At either 341 Meeting, you’ll be required to testify under oath regarding your filed bankruptcy petition schedules, finances and income.  Answer all the Trustee’s questions truthfully.  While the Trustee is an adversary in your bankruptcy proceeding, their intention is not to try to verbally trip you up or corner you, they simply want to make sure that your bankruptcy schedules are accurate and that you qualify to file bankruptcy. If you have any additional concerns, make sure your bankruptcy attorneydiscusses all details of your case with you prior to the filing of either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy so there are no surprises at your Creditor’s Meeting.

341 Meetings are rather informal and you can dress casually, but try to look presentable.  Where you live will dictate what you need to bring to your Meeting of the Creditors, and your attorney will advise you prior to the Meeting.  As a general rule, you’ll need to bring:

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