Tom Girardi’s Law Firm Was Approved for $1.5 Million COVID Relief Loan Before Bankruptcy

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The law firm of Erika Girardiex-husband of, Tom girardi, got the green light for a COVID-st loan from the federal government before filing for bankruptcy.

Girardi Keese was approved for $ 1,503,000 through the Paycheck Protection Program – which was created to help keep businesses afloat during the pandemic – on April 15, 2020, according to public records.

A total of 84 employees have been reported at the Los Angeles-based company, according to records.

It is not known whether the company actually received the loan. A spokesperson for Girardi Keese did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Tom, 82, and his law firm have been charged with embezzlement of several families who lost loved ones in a Boeing plane crash in 2018, and the lawyer was later pursued by its business partners, resulting in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition in December – just one month after Erika, 49, filed for divorce.

Amid the bankruptcy and multiple lawsuits, Tom and Erika were also charged with using their divorce to protect their money.

Steve Eichner / AP Erika Girardi and Tom Girardi

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Recently, a petition filed by the bankruptcy trustee investigating Tom’s assets alleged that Girardi Keese transferred $ 20 million to Erika’s various businesses, including one that the Real housewives from Beverly Hills star created after the announcement of the embezzlement scandal.

“The debtor admitted in numerous tax documents filed that Erika-related companies received more than $ 20,000,000 according to tax documents spanning several years,” they can read in documents obtained by PEOPLE. “Erika started a new company after the announcement of this scandal which appears to be simply a successor company. Erika has several financial accounts and the debtor’s books show that Erika owes the debtor large debts.”

In another petition later filed by the plaintiff creditors in the bankruptcy case, Erika was accused of using her businesses to hide her assets and refusing to hand over documents relating to his finances.

“At every turn, Erika has used the glam to continue to help and encourage these fictitious transactions that have occurred in relation to the large transfers of assets from the [Girardi Keese] to Erika, ”the document reads. “In addition, the administrator did not receive any cooperation from Erika, which is constant [sic] with someone who is hiding property. “

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Erika’s legal team later responded to the request in their own court file, claiming that she had cooperated with the investigation and asked the court to reconsider the special counsel for the trustee assigned to the bankruptcy case.

Monday, the court ordered that Erika’s accountant, divorce lawyer and landlord turn over the Nice mess author’s bank statements and various financial documents to the bankruptcy trustee.

For his part, Tom has not responded to any of the lawsuits.

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