The International Golf Club & Resort, Bolton, bankruptcy, marriage deposits

Rutland’s TJ and Kendra Henrickson lost their $ 30,000 wedding deposit last year when Bolton’s International Golf Club & Resort closed and declared bankruptcy.

Finally, more than a year after the club filed the Chapter 11 case in the U.S. District of Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court in May 2020, the family’s attorney received a check from the club on Tuesday. But it was for only $ 3,025 – only 10% of the deposit.

“We predicted it would be a percentage,” TJ Henrickson said, “but it’s obviously disappointing that it’s only 10%.”

Henrickson said he knew of another couple who also received a check for $ 3,025 but whose deposit was much lower than their family’s. He therefore wondered if $ 3,025 was the maximum that could be received.

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