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The good life of Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro is again delayed.

Publisher Playism, which specializes in introducing indie games from Japan – including Touhou Luna Nights, Fight Crab, La-Mulana 2, Bright Memory, and DEEEER Simulator – in the west, took over the debt-paying RPG from Swery and announced a fall release date for the PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The new trailer is below:

The Good Life was slated for release this summer thanks to independent publisher The Irregular Corporation.

Swery is best known for being the director of the cult classic Deadly Premonition and The Missing in 2018.

The Good Life is an “RPG of everyday life” which follows the adventures of Naomi, a New York photojournalist who moves to the English town of Rainy Woods in order to pay off massive debt. There are plenty of options on the job front – players can make money from photography, gardening, shearing sheep, making jams, delivering milk, bartending, casino and even cryptocurrency.

There’s also a grisly murder mystery and townspeople who can magically transform into cats and dogs.

“Naomi herself eventually becomes able to transform into a cat or a dog,” reveals the official blurb.

“Transform into a cat and gain the ability to jump and climb all over town to explore; or transform into a dog and use your keen sense of smell to follow the townspeople.

“Use wisely your respective abilities as human, cat and dog to more easily solve the various mysteries and incidents that you will be confronted with.”

Yes, it looks like a Swery game!

When The Good Life successfully hit its Kickstarter goal in May 2018 (securing £ 464,060) it was expected to be released in Q4 2019. However, Swery reported that the development team had delayed the launch in spring 2020. It was then postponed to summer 2021.

Speaking to Twitter, Swery apologized for the latest delay:

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