Sacklers threaten Connecticut Attorney General Tong says he won’t be intimidated

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Sacklers threaten Connecticut – Attorney General Tong says he won’t be intimidated

(Hartford, CT – Attorney General William Tong responded today to the threat of sanctions launched by the Raymond Sackler family seeking to intimidate Connecticut into dropping its objections to Purdue’s inadequate bankruptcy plan.

“It was a direct attack on Connecticut and a huge mistake for the Sacklers. If the Sacklers have any doubts as to the strength of our allegations, they should produce each of the documents currently hidden under protective orders or masked under claims of privilege and each of them speak up so that I can personally question and expose them. the depths of their misconduct. If these licensed thugs think they can set off on their yachts hanging on to their art and jewelry, they have something else to come. If there was any doubt, let me be incredibly clear: Connecticut will file our objection to Purdue’s bankruptcy on Monday and we will fight until all viable options are exhausted. The Sacklers have now demonstrated that they are incapable of acting in good faith and have no respect for the rule of law and the courts. The Sacklers want you to believe that this fight is over, that the bankruptcy plan is a done deal. The fact that they still engage in these legal tantrums just proves to me that this is still a live fight and that our opposition is gaining ground ”, said Attorney General Tong. “The fact that they removed this threat so quickly shows what a colossal miscalculation it was.”

Lawyers for the Raymond Sackler family on Thursday served Connecticut, California, Maryland, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia with a threat of sanctions, claiming baseless claims states against the family lack evidence. Under considerable pressure, the Sacklers withdrew the motion late Friday morning. This does not negate the fact that the threat was made. The move comes as Connecticut continues to oppose a bankruptcy plan that would allow the Sackler family to leave their personal fortunes unscathed. The Sackler threat will not succeed.

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