Roanoke lawyer who has dealt with bankruptcy in the past jailed for bankruptcy fraud | Crime News

A judge sentenced a former Roanoke bankruptcy lawyer to jail for bankruptcy fraud.

Laura Wright was sentenced to six months behind bars on Friday plus six months of home confinement. The case stems from evidence of horse possession and country clubbing around the same time that Wright and her husband were bankrupt and seeking to free themselves from substantial debt. Authorities rejected their request for debt forgiveness and filed charges in 2019.

Wright, 53, of Roanoke, pleaded guilty to a single count of concealment and transfer of ownership for bankruptcy. Further, she agreed that prosecutors had probable cause for three additional charges which were also filed, but dismissed, alleging that she made false affidavits. The charges stem from a 2014 bankruptcy filing, while the violations occurred between September 2013 and March 2017, according to court documents.

She did business as Laura R. Wright PC before her law license was revoked in 2018 by the State Bar of Virginia. Wright, who is not in custody, will be given instructions on when and where to report to jail, Roanoke Federal Judge Elizabeth Dillon said.

The Roanoke office of the US attorney has postponed the prosecution of Stacey Wright, her husband, who was only charged with receiving stolen goods, until 2022.

The bankruptcy discharge gives unhappy but honest people a fresh start, Assistant Federal Attorney Kristin Johnson wrote in a court note. “Laura Wright is not the honest but unhappy debtor envisioned in the Bankruptcy Code. Rather, she was a debtor who made the conscious decision not to play by the rules, ”Johnson wrote in court.

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