NRA board member says filing for bankruptcy was a shock

A National Rifle Association board member said on Tuesday that he believed its chief executive Wayne LaPierre had a tight grip on the organization and that the current leadership was either unable or unwilling to address issues of corporate governance of the firearms rights group.

Phillip Journey, a sitting Kansas state judge elected to the NRA board of directors last year, testified in week two of a high-stakes trial in support of his claim to independent review of allegations of compensation and spending abuse at the NRA, as described in a lawsuit filed last August by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

“About three pages later, I physically fell ill. I was so upset by what I read in there, ”Mr. Journey said, describing his reaction to the first reading of the lawsuit.

Mr Journey said it appears the allegations are supported by documents and testimony collected by the New York attorney general’s office and denied the NRA’s claims that the coercive action is politically motivated . The New York complaint indicated that the NRA’s governance and financial controls, intended to provide checks and balances within the organization, were, in essence, non-existent, he said.

“It basically functioned as a kingdom rather than a society,” Mr. Journey said.

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