LETTERS TO EDITOR: Democrats ignore debt repayment | Letters

George Mrak, Highland

The Democratic Party’s love party in Wicker Park recently simply flaunted its duplicity in trying to win the favor of voters. Their boast was only eclipsed by the half-truths they spoke out in front of a naive audience.

The main topic of discussion was that “We provided” financial assistance to the population. It takes very little effort to distribute trillions of dollars of taxpayer dollars, regardless of how to pay off that debt. Democrats believe the government can spend unlimited amounts of money without any consequences. Can you say “irresponsible? “

Mayor Tom McDermott sang, “I am proud to be a Democrat. I am proud to be in a party that believes in the facts. I am proud to be in a party that supports unionized workers and puts people to work.

Well, Tom, here are the facts: One of President Biden’s first official actions was to issue an executive order that canceled construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. He stopped a project that would have benefited our steel mills and the Whiting BP refinery.

As for Congressman Frank Mrvan, a member of the Steel Caucus, what did we hear from him on this?

Radical leftists in the Democratic Party are pushing this country closer and closer to disaster. And they wonder why 75 million people, including a majority of Hoosiers, voted for Donald J. Trump.

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