Houston’s Yellow Cab files for bankruptcy and could be replaced by zTrip

HOUSTON – Houston’s Yellow Cab services may end soon after the company announces it is filing for bankruptcy.

“The old adage that you’re going to hail a cab, it’s like the ’80s or whatever,” said Brock Fletcher, a traveler from Michigan.

As far back as some Houstonians can remember, yellow cabs have been a symbol in transportation when driving yourself is not an option.

The company said it was filing for bankruptcy in San Antonio, Austin and Houston.

“The reality is, I think they’re catching up,” Fletcher said.

zTrip, a ridesharing company that allows you to hail or schedule a taxi, limousine, or black car service, has made an agreement with Yellow Cab to purchase its assets as part of the bankruptcy.

ZTrip CEO Bill George said if the acquisition goes through, he would expand Yellow Cab’s services, but not disrupt the business.

“We will continue to operate with the same drivers and we will have new vehicles that we will integrate into a fleet with new and improved technology. But the goal is absolutely zero downtime, ”said George,

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With taxi companies around the world becoming more and more obsolete, travelers we spoke to are supportive of the change.

“Well I think when you’re looking for a ride it’s easier when you can do it from your phone,” Fletcher said.

George said there will be a bankruptcy court hearing on Tuesday where the judge will decide whether zTrip can go ahead with the purchase of the company.

If all goes according to plan, passengers could see zTrip replace taxis at the airport and throughout Houston in about four weeks.

“At airports it is easy to take a taxi. It’s not always easy to find a taxi everywhere, ”said traveler Kashif Pathan.

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