Exclusive: Water is cut off at La Quinta golf course as owner files for bankruptcy

News Channel 3 has exclusively learned that the Trilogy golf course in La Quinta has declared bankruptcy and a partial owner has shut off the water unless the owners association pays tens of thousands of dollars.

Residents received an email from the president of the HOA on Wednesday saying the water had been turned off and the pumps were on lockdown with posted warnings that civil or criminal charges could be initiated if they were turned back on without consent.

“These people who are Chapter 7 bankrupt; they’re demanding money from our HOA,” said Trilogy owner David Eng. “They say to avoid any disturbance in the water you will need to provide $ 90,000 as a security deposit and $ 45,000 per month to keep the water flowing.”

Richard Besone is an owner at Trilogy and a lawyer. He has followed golf course issues closely and said without hydration for the grass and landscaping he was baking in the desert sun. “It’s a green expanse that we look towards the mountains,” he said. “If there is no water, there is no green expanse and the plants start to die.”

Besone and Eng said a big concern is the quality of life of the people who live there, especially those who have come to retire and enjoy life and hobbies like golf.

“When you have the threat that the golf course will be closed or the water will be closed in such a way that the golf course is going to be tampered with or not work… it is an assault on our way of life,” said Eng.

“I came here to swim and enjoy the warm weather and the pools,” Besone said. “I didn’t really go out to take care of this.”

So what’s the next step for the community? Besone said it was up to the HOA and the founding members to do something. “And what it is exactly, we will find out,” he said.

With the water shut off on Tuesday, time is running out to get it back on track before the grass – and homeowners’ way of life – dries up.

According to the letter that was sent to residents, the council is working with local and state authorities and pursuing legal actions. So far, they said, they haven’t gotten a response.

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