Erika Jayne’s Attorneys Request to Drop Her In Husband Tom Girardi’s Bankruptcy Case

Erika Jayne’s lawyers ask to drop her in her husband Tom Girardi’s bankruptcy case

Erika Jayne the lawyers ask to abandon her as a client. the Real housewives from Beverly Hills The star’s lawyers have filed a petition to withdraw her bankruptcy case, ET confirms. The news comes shortly after the release of a new hulu documentary about Jayne and her ex-husband, Tom Girardi.

Dinsmore & Shohl LLP filed documents Monday to step down as Jayne’s attorneys in Girardi’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. According to documents obtained by ET, the lawyers state that “the relationship of trust that is essential to the proper functioning of an attorney-client relationship has broken down and, according to the lawyer’s good faith assessment, the relationship is irreparable. The withdrawal is appropriate under such circumstances. “

Jayne announced his separation from Girardi, a former lawyer, in November, a month before being forced into involuntary bankruptcy. The housewife and the con artist, which was produced by ABC News and posted on Hulu on Monday, takes a look at details surrounding the couple’s finances and Girardi’s situation alleged embezzlement.

A legal action was filed against the couple in December on behalf of several families who lost loved ones in the Lion Air flight 610 crash in October 2018. Girardi allegedly embezzled settlement money that was supposed to go to family members of the victims. Girardi and Jayne are accused of using the money to fund their own lavish lifestyles and are said to have paid off loans to keep Girardi’s law firm afloat.

In February, Girardi – who claimed he was broke during a deposition last year – was placed under provisional guardianship. In March, a psychiatrist told the courts that Tom suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and was unable to attend to his personal or financial affairs.

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