Erika Jayne claims bankruptcy lawyer made ‘false’ statements

Erika Jayne requests that the judge in his case reconsider the appointment Ronald richards as a bankruptcy trustee lawyer following comments he made about the Real housewives from Beverly Hills featured on social media.

In court documents obtained by Us weekly, Jayne’s legal team says Richards “made false and inflammatory social media posts and public statements” about the reality TV star. The documents continue to indicate that Richards’ publications “violate the ethical rules to which he is bound and unfairly target Ms. Girardi in an attempt to destroy her credibility even before any complaint is filed against her in these proceedings.”

Jayne, 49, made headlines when she filed for divorce from Tom girardi after more than 20 years of marriage in November 2020. A month later, the estranged couple were accused of stealing settlement funds intended for the families of victims killed in a plane crash in 2018.

Erika Jayne attends the American Music Awards in Los Angeles on November 19, 2017. Xavier Collin / Image press agency / MEGA

The singer has denied any knowledge of her husband’s legal issues in clips from RHOBH. Girardi, 82, for his part told the judge earlier this month that he wanted to end his guardianship after temporary guardianship was granted in February.

Girardi, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and late-onset dementia, didn’t want his brother in control of his daily activities and personal care.

“I think we should put together the reasons why the trusteeship should be dissolved, and then we will respond to them, go to court,” Girardi said in a virtual hearing in June. “At the moment, I have nothing to say in court.”

The case attracted more attention after The housewife and the con artist, which was released earlier this month on Hulu. The ABC News documentary featured former clients Girardi allegedly robbed.

Jayne’s legal team questioned Richards’ interest in their client, noting, “Mr. Richards appears to have a particular fascination with legal issues relating to women appearing on the various television shows of the Real Housewives franchise that air. on Bravo, as the majority of her Twitter feed is about legal issues or allegations against the women appearing in the TV series. “

In a statement to WeRichards says he “hopes that Erika’s new lawyers will cooperate with our investigation and that we can move forward in a positive direction and finish our work.”

He added, “The court made no restrictions or gag orders in this case. If these rules change, our discourse will change. The case is interesting to the public and I have enjoyed communicating with people around the world on many legal issues. I look forward to working positively with his new lawyer.

Following the release of The housewife and the con artist, Jayne’s legal counsel has filed documents to stop working on her bankruptcy case.

“The relationship of trust that is essential to the proper functioning of an attorney-client relationship has broken down and, according to the lawyer’s good faith assessment, the relationship is irreparable,” his lawyers wrote in the documents.

We confirmed a few days later that the lawyers filed a request to dismiss their petition on June 18.

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