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RICHARDSON, Texas, July 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As the economy recovers, many Americans are looking to make big changes in their lives, from moving to a more affordable city, planning a long-awaited vacation, or following their passion and to embark on a new career. Still, that might not be possible for the millions of people struggling with growing credit card debt and very high hidden interest rates, as well as emotions such as anxiety, worry and stress over time. to the procedure to follow.

DebtBlue, the trusted debt settlement team backed by more than 20 years of experience, offers a personalized program to help individuals and families regain their financial balance. According to recent data from, the average American has credit card debt of $ 5,300. Six in ten citizens also can’t afford a surprise, new studies $ 1,000 expenses that make plastic the gold standard for emergencies such as vehicle breakdown or a trip to the hospital.

“Credit card debt usually carries a huge invisible burden on people, it can trap them in a job they hate, damage relationships and delay important life goals due to the inability to pay them.” said Corey Boucher, CEO of DebtBlue. “Our program helps customers pay off their credit cards with deep discounts, flipping them like dominoes over a two to three year period, gaining ground with every step in the right direction – to restore their financial freedom.”

As DebtBlue recognizes that financial situations vary from person to person with external factors such as job loss, illness or divorce, the company helps its clients avoid debt and bankruptcy through settlement. negotiated and optimal debt. As a secure and cost-effective solution, the customer not only has full control over the entire settlement process, but is poised to take control of their future again. For more information on DebtBlue, visit

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DebtBlue is a debt settlement company that works directly through its relationship with creditors to settle a customer’s debt for less than the amount owed. Based at Dallas, Texas, DebtBlue’s professional team of experts draws on over 20 years of experience and implements a personalized approach to help achieve financial freedom. For more information, call 855-998-1157 or visit

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