Diocese of Norwich (CT) files for bankruptcy after 60 sexual abuse prosecutions | Hemant Mehta | Sympathetic atheist

Here is good news for you: another Catholic diocese is declare bankruptcy following lawsuits against sexually abusive priests.

According to CT Examiner, the Diocese of Norwich, Connecticut, will be “the 31st Catholic religious entity in the United States to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.”

The 15th of July, the Diocese of Norwich has filed a voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy and reorganization petition of the Bankruptcy Code of the United States. The decision to file for bankruptcy was difficult and was only made after two years of careful deliberation and prayer.

With nearly 60 lawsuits filed against the diocese for alleged abuse at Mount Saint John School – a former ministry of the Deep River Diocese and Residential School where students were sent, tuition paid, and annual audits conducted by the state of Connecticut – it became clear that the diocese could not continue to carry out its spiritual, charitable and educational missions while bearing the potential costs of litigation associated with these cases.

Restructuring under Chapter 11 will require approval from victims of abuse, which is important given everything they’ve been through:

… In 2018, twenty-four men who were former students of the academy filed a complaint against dioceses claiming to have been sexually assaulted between 1986 and 1996, when they were between 11 and 15 years old.

In February 2019, the diocese has identified 43 priests who has been the subject of a “substance allegation” concerning the sexual abuse of a minor. The diocese too resolved nine abuse complaints for a total of approximately $ 7.7 million.

Supporters will say that the diocese does a lot of work of undoubted use, but none of this justifies the damage it has caused to dozens of boys in their care. When you are responsible for so much abuse, the least you can do is take control of your assets. The diocese is not yet going to disappear. But at least he’s facing real punishment for once.

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